Feasibility Study

Planning a change in your Workplace Environment can be complex particularly when accounting for staffing levels, segregations, departments, meeting rooms, breakout areas and power and data points.

Our experts will sit down with you and get to the bottom of what it is you wish to achieve within any imposed constraints. They will produce a brief which will highlight what is feasible and how we can help you deliver it.

The study may include:

  • + Finding a suitable premises
  • + Assessing your business’ space requirements
  • + Staffing Levels
  • + Your corporate culture;
  • + Areas for Staff Interaction;
  • + Location of departments;
  • + Allocation of areas for interaction with stakeholders and clients;
  • + reception areas;
  • + breakout and training areas;
  • + space for future growth
  • + Budget and Time constraints
  • + A specification of the office furniture available and new furniture required
  • + A Space Plan of your Office Layout
  • + A Free 2D & 3D Visualisation of your new Office Space


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