Interior Design Service

At Spatial Office Environments, we firmly believe that the success of your business will most likely be based off the people within it and your customers’ perception of it. A beautifully designed office space helps to relax your employees and to subtly increase their working efficiency. Elegantly designed meeting rooms, breakout zones and reception areas put your visitors at ease and help build that ever lasting relationship.

Our experts take time to understand your business culture, the types of people who work for you and the environments they reside in.

We look at the structural limits imposed by the location of the office. Everything from size, shape and available square footage to the must have items which need to be located in this space (for example: security, IT and storage systems) and we ensure that we design a beautiful space that is right for your business and its staff.

We incorporate artwork, graphics, murals and brand identity into our designs. They will include concept drawings and photo-realistic 3D rendered visualisations so that you can see the potential end result.
We produce mood boards for materials, colours, textures, finishes and fittings so that you can touch the design and feel the quality of the finishes.

Finally, we provide suitable space plans for the concept that reflect your requirements.
Spatial’s Interior Design Team use their industry experience to draw up designs that happily marry your requirements with your budget, practicalities, and all essential legal necessities.
We fit business function and employee comfort together.


Great design makes life better for everyone
Improve yours today