Meet the Team

Spatial Office Environments Head Office Interior
  • Spatial Office Environments Management Team

    Spatial Office Environments has a strong management and leadership team which collectively have over 50 years worth of experience in the office design, fit out and furnishing business.

  • Phil Simmonds, Managing Director of Spatial Office Environments Ltd

    Phil Simmonds

    Managing Director

    • Office Nickname: Mr Wolf / The Whirlwind
    • Work Passion: Getting it right by paying attention to details. I have very high standards and if the finish is not good enough for me, it’s definitely not good enough for my clients.
    • Personal Passion: My kids; My boat; Wales and the sport of the gods, rugby.
    • Hidden Talent: Holding pound coins in my dimples.
    • Dinner Party Guests: Split a chicken with Genghis Khan
    • Music or Film: Music
    • Greatest Achievement: Still working on it
  • Elliott Pace - Design Director

    Elliott Pace

    Design Director

    • Office Nickname: Bunty
    • Work Passion: I’m a perfectionist, after spending a lot of time and effort in every detail of a customers office layout, my passion is in seeing the end results come to fruition.
    • Personal Passion: My amazing little boy; Hot Dogs and Good Design
    • Hidden Talent: I’m a Karaoke King.
    • Dinner Party Guests: Alex Ferguson, Ray & Charles Eames, Kevin Bridges, Frankie Knuckles
    • Music or Film: Music
    • Greatest Achievement: My amazing little boy;
  • Julie Platt - Office & Accounts Manager

    Julie Platt

    Accounts Manager

    • Work Passion: Making sure I get a job done to the very best of my ability.
    • Personal Passion: Running, running, and some more running. The longer, the better!
    • Dinner Party Guests: Donald Trump, his hair and his lips.
    • Music or Film: Music.
    • Favourite Piece of Music, Film, Book or Play: I’m Scottish, so obviously it’s The Proclaimers
    • Favourite Place to travel: The Lake District
    • Greatest Achievement: So far, taking part and completing The Comrades Marathon – an ultramarathon of approximately 89km (56 miles) which is run annually in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. It is the world’s largest and oldest ultramarathon race.
  • Christina Belkacem - Head of Design

    Christina Belkacem

    Head of Design

    • Work Passion: I love building relationships with clients to create something that is unique and in tune with how they work
    • Personal Passion: As dull as it sounds…interior design! I also enjoy running, music, travel and hanging out with my little boy
    • Hidden Talent: I can make all my money disappear (although, I’m not sure this is really considered hidden or a talent)
    • Dinner Party Guests: George Harrison, Tove Jansson, Wes Anderson, Mies Van Der Rohe, Johnny Marr, Bob Mortimer
    • Music or Film: Music, cant go anywhere without it.
    • Favourite Piece of Music, Film, Book or Play: Too many favourite books to list (I’m a bookworm) but the ones i always come back to are the Tales and the City chronicles
    • Greatest Achievement: My Son
  • James Thornalley

    Junior Interior Designer

    • Work Passion: It’s all about the design.
    • Personal Passion: My art work and socialising.
    • Hidden Talent: My artwork
    • Dinner Party Guests: My Cats
    • Music or Film: Music, cant go anywhere without it.
    • Favourite Piece of Music, Film, Book or Play: The Jungle Book
    • Greatest Achievement: Learning SketchUp
  • Roger Porter

    Site Manager

    • Work Passion: I take great pride in my work. I believe in getting things right first time and exceeding the clients expectations.
    • Personal Passion: Family, friends, cycling and football.
    • Dinner Party Guests: Alex Ferguson, Nelson Mandela, Usain Bolt and Dame Tanni Grey Thompson
    • Music or Film: Music although I do like to read a lot.
    • Favourite Piece of Music, Film, Book or Play: Depends on my mood but it varies from The Planets Suite by Gustav Holst to Rock to Soul/Northern Soul.
    • Favourite Place to travelSouth Africa
  • Colin Nicholson

    Health & Safety Consultant

    • Work Passion: Using my knowledge and experience to add value to the team and to help others to be the best they can be.
    • Personal Passion: My dogs, watching sports, keeping fit, going on holiday.
    • Hidden Talents: Fluent in French – especially after alcohol.
    • Dinner Party Guests: My wife and children and my mum and dad. James Martin to do the cooking and background vocals by old blue eyes – Frank Sinatra.
    • Music or Film: Film, ideally with a great soundtrack.
    • Favourite Piece of Music, Film, Book or Play: Casablanca
    • Favourite Place to travelNew York
    • Greatest Achievement: Being the first in my family to go to university