Spatial Environments win the Furniture Provider of the Year
                2016 Award at the Mixology Awards

Award Winning: Spatial win coverted Furniture Provider of the Year Award

It’s early December, 2016, the days are short and the nights are getting cosy. The Christmas Markets are in full swing and Manchester is tingling with festive spirit.

The evening breeze is sharp, but there’s excitement in the air keeping us warm. It’s the Mixology North Awards Dinner and Spatial are up for the Furniture Provider of the Year (2016) award.

The team gather for a few pre-award drinks, dressed to impress in our dinner suits and glamorous gown wear, we are all excited and yet somewhat apprehensive at the same time. What will the night hold?

Just being shortlisted by our fellow peers for such a prestigious award was the icing on the cake that was our 2016. A year which saw us triumph over and conquer many road blocks and hurdles, deliver on our promises, grow and adapt to new levels. For us to actually win an award, however, would be the icing, the cherry and the Champagne. It would be a celebration and an accolade dedicated to the herculean efforts that all our members of staff had poured into making Spatial excel.

Arriving at the new Mixology Awards venue – the ever impressive Manchester Central convention complex (previously known as G-Mex) – we are welcomed in to the reception area by an elaborate winter wonderland setting. A series of large log huts surrounded by a wintery forest covered in snow, an alpine apres-ski style seating area in the centre and a stage hidden behind the huts sitting ready for the magical entertainment to begin.

After sampling some delightful cocktails from one of the alpine huts, we head off to our table in the main hall. Past a waltzer fairground ride and a stones throw from the dodgems, we easily find our table. We sit down and begin to immerse ourselves in the experience that is the Mixology Awards.

Our beautifully decorated table is adorned with copious amounts of alcohol to suit any requirement and the silver service waiters silently drift in-between, efficiently serving and clearing a wonderful three course meal. All the while, the stage is being lit by a stunning array of acrobatic ariel showmanship that is beautifully balanced with a musical backdrop. Win or loose, this is going to be an evening to remember.

After the last course is cleared, we are given a short break before the awards commence. A chance to catch up with acquaintances old and new and to have a laugh and giggle over our attire. A gentle reminder comes over the tannoy, the awards ceremony is about to start. Excitedly taking up our seats, we see Mick Jordan, Editor of Mix Interiors Magazine and host for the evening, take the stage and duly begin the award proceedings.

Our award category comes up. We are against some quality opposition as fellow furniture providers Corporate Workspace and Workpattern complete the shortlist. We all nervously look at each other in excited anticipation. Will we win?

Kerry Knight from Yarwood Leather, the sponsor of the award category, is warmly welcomed on stage to present the award. She opens the golden envelope and, to our surprise, reads out Spatial Office Environments. A little stunned, the Directors stand and make their way hesitantly to the stage to collect the award. What an unbelievable achievement. We’ve done it. The gods of the office furniture industry have decided to acknowledge all our hard work, dedication, graft and love for all things office and Workplace related. Cementing us as the experts; the go to company for all your contract furniture needs. Confirming that Spatial are the forerunners in independently specifying the best office furniture at the best value.

Spatial Office Environments have been awarded the Furniture Provider of the Year 2016 accolade from the prestigious Mixology Awards.

A wash of relief and gratitude passes over us as we sit staring at the trophy and reflecting on the year that was. To be honoured by industry peers in such a way is monumental. We pop open a bottle of Champagne and have a toast, congratulating each other for a year well done. The rest of the night is filled with joy, alcohol, dancing and the fun of an indoor fairground.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Mix Interiors and to the Judges on the Mixology Panel: Lisa McFarlane from Seven Architecture; John Ogden from CBRE; Neil Pickup from Ask Real Estate; Roger Stephenson from Stephenson Studio; and Jamie Wilson from HLM Architects.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Out There Events for putting on such an amazingly choreographed evening. Tapping into the festive spirit embracing Manchester at the time just helped make the night even more magical.

As we set our sights on making 2017 even better, getting industry recognition for all our hard work and effort was a perfect way to seal 2016 as a superb year for Spatial. Proving that with some dedication, belief, graft and a can do attitude, you certainly can achieve.

As our fit out and furnishing standards are always very high, we know we can be a bit of a nag and a pain, so a special thank you goes out to all our manufacturers and supply chain that have helped us get to this point. Thank you for working with us and for meeting our benchmarks. Without your patience, support and belief in our abilities, we could not have achieved what we have.

The future is what you make it. Here’s to a successful 2017

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