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Using Ergonomics to improve office productivity

A Quick Guide to improving Staff Wellbeing in your office space using Ergonomics

An office may not seem like a hazardous place to work, but sitting at a desk working at a computer all day can turn out to be quite detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Whilst there are many aspects to a properly designed officeRead more…

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Spatial are attending the Northern Business Expo 2017 at Event City, Manchester, 6&7 April.

The Northern Business Exhibition – April 2017

Spatial are exhibiting at the Northern Business Exhibition being held at Event City, Manchester, this coming April (2017). Fast becoming the de facto yearly event to attend, it’s an event especially geared to cater for the new Startup and SME business looking for answers and opportunity.

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Spatial Office Environments win Furniture Provider of the Year 2016 Award at the Mixology Awards

Award Winning: Furniture Provider of the Year 2016

Explore an evening that was packed with fun, ceremony, dancing and trophies and which culminated in Spatial walking away with one of the coveted awards from Mixology North 2016.

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The different classes of Commercial Property

The Different Classes of Office Space

If you have been looking for new offices to rent, you may have heard terms like “Premier Office Suite”, “Trophy building” or “Class A premises” being bandied about. Many commercial real estate companies classify properties they manage according to various pre-defined criteria.

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An office presentation being given in a lush open field
Photo credit: Office Now / CC BY

The Rise of the Eco-Office

One of the major trends of 2014 has been the eco-office. A fashion that is likely to continue and become ever more prominent in 2015. Research conducted by the World Green Building Council found ‘overwhelming evidence’ that the design of an office significantly impacts the health and productivity of its employees.

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Hot Desking
Photo credit: darkday. / CC BY

Hot Desking, Flexible Hours and Remote Working: Will the traditional office cease to exist in the near future?

Ask any colleague or friend what they think of ‘hot desking’ and you’ll get a mixed response. The practice can certainly make up part of a solution in solving certain office space requirements; and it makes sense that if someone is out of the office or working from home, then another team member should be able to use that desk.

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Man with Megaphone
Photo credit: Very Quiet / CC BY-SA

Noise in the Workplace

Did you know that a loud working environment can be detrimental to your health, productivity and even against health & safety law?

Most people believe that those most at risk of work-related hearing loss are those who work in the construction or engineering industry and spend much of their time exposed to loud machinery. However, the modern office also carries its own risks.

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BBC Building at MediaCity, Salford
Photo credit: BinaryApe / (CC BY 2.0)

The Demand for Office Space

How is Manchester fairing in the UK wide demand for office space?

The UK economy has recently begun to show decent signs of recovery. The ONS reported that in 2013 the UK GDP (Gross Domestic Product) grew by 1.8% compared to 2012. With employment figures improving and people spending more, businesses are starting to pick up.

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