Meet the Team

  • Spatial Office Environments Management Team

    Spatial Office Environments has a strong management and leadership team which collectively have over 50 years worth of experience in the office design, fit out and furnishing business.

  • Phil Simmonds of Spatial Office Environments Ltd

    Phil Simmonds

    Managing Director

    • Office Nickname: Mr Wolf / The Whirlwind
    • Work Passion: Getting it right by paying attention to details. I have very high standards and if the finish is not good enough for me, it’s definitely not good enough for my clients.
    • Personal Passion: My kids; My boat; Wales and the sport of the gods, rugby.
    • Hidden Talent: Holding pound coins in my dimples.
    • Dinner Party Guests: Split a chicken with Genghis Khan
    • Music or Film: Music
    • Greatest Achievement: Still working on it
  • Paul Eatock of Spatial Office Environments Ltd

    Paul Eatock

    Director of Sales

    • Office Nickname: Poly Truck
    • Work Passion: I’m all about the People. I get a buzz from getting it right first time and seeing the customers face light up when we’ve delivered on our promise.
    • Personal Passion: I’m all about the People. If I was a butterfly, I’d be of the Social variety.
    • Hidden Talent: I’m a secret goalkeeper at the weekends
    • Dinner Party Guests: David Copperfield, Jim Carrey, Jason Roberts, Nathan Ellington
    • Music or Film: Music
    • Greatest Achievement: Playing over 100 games of football at Unibond League level
  • Elliott Pace of Spatial Office Environments Ltd

    Elliott Pace

    Design Director

    • Office Nickname: Bunty
    • Work Passion: I’m a perfectionist, after spending a lot of time and effort in every detail of a customers office layout, my passion is in seeing the end results come to fruition.
    • Personal Passion: My amazing little boy; Hot Dogs and Good Design
    • Hidden Talent: I’m a Karaoke King.
    • Dinner Party Guests: Alex Ferguson, Ray & Charles Eames, Kevin Bridges, Frankie Knuckles
    • Music or Film: Music
    • Greatest Achievement: My amazing little boy;
  • Mark Jones of Spatial Office Environments Ltd

    Mark Jones

    Contracts Manager

    • Office Nickname: Horse
    • Work Passion: The pure variety of projects I get to work on
    • Personal Passion: My Defender 90
    • Hidden Talent: I was a test tube baby. My star sign is Pyrex
    • Dinner Party Guests: David Bowie
    • Music or Film: David Bowie
    • Greatest Achievement: Running the Manchester 10K in under 50 minutes
  • Mr Giffard

    Mr Giffard

    IT Consultant

    • Office Nickname: Giffard
    • Work Passion: I’m all about the Tech. I love getting to play with new Technology and solutions
    • Personal Passion: I’m a walking contradiction. I love the great outdoors away from all technology. Just man vs nature.
    • Hidden Talent: I’m a whiz at obstacle courses
    • Dinner Party Guests: Aristotle, Plato, Oscar Wilde, Socrates, Derren Brown, Leonardo da Vinci
    • Music or Film: Film
    • Greatest Achievement: The facilitation, specification and delivery of the IT Infrastructure for a multi-million pound Police and Fire new build project